Sunday, April 10, 2016

woodcliffing - Slab Series

Hey y'all,

So I've posted Slab Pt.2 from woodcliffing before, but here I present it with a chopped/remixed version of the second track that really takes it away. Also I found a lost cousin--Slab Pt 1--that has some really incredible parts, even if some parts that could've been edited out. Overall, both long albums are worth a listen when you have the time and are feeling like meditative multifaceted free improv drone journeys.

woodcliffing - Slab Pt. 2

woodcliffing - Slab Pt 1

Please be patient and give these two albums a shot. There are some incredible drones on both albums. Maybe if there's enough interest I'd cut out parts from Slab Pt 1 and maybe even some from Pt. 2 and make an official release. Cheers.

(the original Slab Pt.2 non-chopped)

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