Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trabant -Eszkimó asszony fázik (1984ish); va - Сховайся (PDB, 1995); Reiko Kudo - Rice Field Silently Riping in the Night (2000); va - Creators Records World Premieres

My posts are deteriorating again :-/

But I still love you.

Trabant's Eszkimó asszony fázik (Eskimo Woman Feels Cold) is hidden Hungary gem. Sound tracks to a film. Clearcut intentions to each track : Most tropes one needs . Among the perfect .

Full of obscurities and classics of the Ukrainian 90s scene, including several phenomenal tracks by the goddess Svitlana. Enjoy this va compilation from label PDB released 1995.

Reiko Kudo, yes of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Noise (70s), soloish efforts (some highlight tracks I uploaded to youtube). it was that early 2000s acoustic drama drone folk tweeresistanttwee. the full album, Rice Field Silently Riping in the Night

Finally, this is my personal favorite collection of operas. Some day I will compile an InstaZome mix of opera recordings, but this is just Creators Records " World Premieres " so recordings of the opera performers who first played these roles. Just outstanding recordings, though. Disc 1 (the [slightly] better of the two imo) Disc 2 My CD case broke for this :( but it's still cute


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