Friday, January 2, 2015

Jüppala Kääpiö - Alpen Ocean

Hello all,

With pressure from my friends, namely Kyle Riley himself, I've decided to revive InstaZome.

It will be much rarer that I post an entire album. I recommend[, of course, purchasing the albums you confirm you like or] downloading full albums via Soulseek. It's safe and it's amazing; it has everything you are looking for.

Usually I will be posting compilations that I compiled myself. Sometimes they will include entire albums, but I just hope to convey more through these posts now. Kind of like the old-old instazome (cllct days)

In this particular post, I will be posting a full album, because it's damn near impossible to separate drone music.


(literally "woops" in Swiss-French and "gnome" in Finnish) 
Droned out, melodramatic, electroacoustic zomes.

If we remember the moment now, 
the first meeting with Jüppala Kääpiö happened 
in a wood beside Rhone river in Geneva, in warm autumn of 2006.
Carole Zweifel who had played viola 
and sung in folk groups at that time,
 and a sound-artist Hitoshi Kojo,
 met in the wood.

When we were listening to the sounds 
of woods, touching plants, water, stones, 
and strolling under the sunlight through leaves,
 Jüppala Kääpiö had already been there with us.

Since then, 
we have had similar experiences not only in Switzerland (Carole’s native country) 
and Japan (Hitoshi’s native country), but also in Canada and in Mongolia, 
two countries where we stayed for several months, in the rich nature.

When we begin to wander with harmonies made by objects found on the way, 
 small instruments that are easy to carry and our voice,
 Jüppala Kääpiö immediately appear and guide us
 to a dazzling world filled with the murmur of all livings.

We started to leave the impression of the meeting with them as music first.
 But also the influence began to appear in visual forms, 

Since Summer 2011, we are living in Bruxelles. 
We enjoy exploring this new land 
and meeting with new gnomish friends
 in the city’s multiple green spots and forests. 

Alpen Ocean (2013, Full Album)

Including tracks from Sporing Promenade (2010, album art above) and Tomentum Totem (2010)
little more wild than above

sounds like Julianna Barwick collaborating
with Caboladies deep in the woods
and Sean McCann playing
in a very reserved fashion.

inexorably psychedelic
and woods-reverent


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