Wednesday, May 25, 2011

周璇 - 百代百年系列 13: 棌檳榔

The Pathe 100 series rules. Here is their 13th volume (EMI's, that is). It is the great Zhou Xuan. I have some more collections of hers, but here is the Pathe compilation. Hopefully y'all enjoy.

Shanghai's "Golden Throat" :)

Download here

SBTRKT Post (FACT Mix 66 & his 2010 Mix for Annie Nightingale)

SBTRKT is so hot right now. IRL album to come out soon"

Download FACT Mix 66 (from 2009) here
Download Mix for Annie Nightingale here

I uploaded some of his other stuff back in November. Recommend that as well

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gamelan Kyai Gedhong Gedhe - Gamelan of Central Java XI: Music of Remembrance

Gamelan jawa that attempts to emulate funerary music in their standard modes, but particularly the last track attempts to recreate traditional gamelan music of remembrance. Those last two tracks, indeed, are where the album shines, and once those have been enjoyed, it's easy to listen through this collection over and over.

Download here