Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kindest Lines - Kindest Lines (Bridgetown Records, 2010, CD-r)

I know I don't exist; I don't exist to know.

New music for new humans. The shoegazing elements of this EP are great, reminds me of some M83 opening band. Electronic post-Warpaint, post-"chillwave" "shoegazer"/"gothic". Good music nonetheless, girl group homages are always appreciated, and wall of sound anticipations feel good (any time you hear that Ronettes/Spector beginning drum rhythm, you know what's coming)

Kindest Lines - SelfTitled EP

Anticipate a full release real soon. And hype, girls in dark clothes, and Impose namedrop


  1. Not sure if I get the girl group thing.

    - Bridgetown

  2. wall of sound anticipations = The Ronettes =

    Great work on Bridgetown!

  3. Ah, cool -- get in touch if you'd like to hear more!

    - KG

  4. hi, this is justin from KL. i'm glad you caught the phil spector reference, cause thats exactly what we were going for. thanks for taking the time to listen

    take care


  5. hell yeah, Justin! The more I listen, the more I dig. For the record, when I blabber in my posts, it's because this blog is more directed for friends of mine in far places/etc., so I get a little nonsensical, ha. I'm happy you noticed these were all positive blabberings, and I am stoked for a full-length, Kevin/Justin!