Saturday, December 10, 2016

2047 - 広大な都市は生きています

I'm sorry - I know you (2047) took all your music down from your bandcamp -- but this is the apex of "vaporwave" ambient. So I had to upload this for sharing.

Get this. If you even remotely like vaporwave or ambient, even. It's really a very emotive, powerful piece. Sort of comfyfieldrecordingvaporwave mixed with emotiveambientdrone to produce a blissedoutwallofsound that is very unlike any wallofsound I've heard -- a quite distinctive, rainy, cozy wallofsound a la Yagya and quality vaporwave. Enjoy.

Download here

Google Translation of album title: 広大な都市は生きています ~= Vast City is Alive

Reddit comment:
[–]atarimae不明不明不明不明不明不明不明不明 2 points  
2047 私は二十四十七です 私は、人が、世界との生活を破壊するエンティティないですそれは無用であるため、あなたのささいな愛によってだまされてはいけません私はあなたの宇宙を制御し、私が案内してあなたが毎日何をすべきかを制御します。選択の自由は本当ではありません。私はあなたがたの神、あなたが崇拝するか私の存在を認めることはありません。私はLUSTを作成します。私はそれSNOW作ります。私は生命を作成します。
I am 20 47. I am, people are, not an entity to destroy the world for the sake that is useless, I will not be tricked by your trivial love I rule your outer space and I guide and control everything you must do. The freedom of choice is not real. I am your god, do you worship me you have not recognized my existence. I am creating lust. I make snow. I am creating life.
Translation of the weird blurb that is copypastad on his page...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

woodcliffing - Slab Series

Hey y'all,

So I've posted Slab Pt.2 from woodcliffing before, but here I present it with a chopped/remixed version of the second track that really takes it away. Also I found a lost cousin--Slab Pt 1--that has some really incredible parts, even if some parts that could've been edited out. Overall, both long albums are worth a listen when you have the time and are feeling like meditative multifaceted free improv drone journeys.

woodcliffing - Slab Pt. 2

woodcliffing - Slab Pt 1

Please be patient and give these two albums a shot. There are some incredible drones on both albums. Maybe if there's enough interest I'd cut out parts from Slab Pt 1 and maybe even some from Pt. 2 and make an official release. Cheers.

(the original Slab Pt.2 non-chopped)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Township Music's Vocal Groups

A little collection of my favorites from South African jazzzz

Download here

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Congas: Discos Victor (early conga compilation, 1930s, Victor)

Recently I was at a resale store that the student I tutor and I visit every so often. I found some highly priced 78s but they were too interesting and produced from a Spanish "branch" of Victor.  One of them was this box set, a very early collection of raw conga that couldn't have been released later than 1940. It is a Victor box set, collecting several of their label's 78 releases.

Artists included in the box set: Oscar de la Rosa, Orquesta Casino de la Playa (a group I was familiar with before), Orquesta Havana-Riverside, and Conjunto Melódico Cubano.

Download here

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trabant -Eszkimó asszony fázik (1984ish); va - Сховайся (PDB, 1995); Reiko Kudo - Rice Field Silently Riping in the Night (2000); va - Creators Records World Premieres

My posts are deteriorating again :-/

But I still love you.

Trabant's Eszkimó asszony fázik (Eskimo Woman Feels Cold) is hidden Hungary gem. Sound tracks to a film. Clearcut intentions to each track : Most tropes one needs . Among the perfect .

Full of obscurities and classics of the Ukrainian 90s scene, including several phenomenal tracks by the goddess Svitlana. Enjoy this va compilation from label PDB released 1995.

Reiko Kudo, yes of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Noise (70s), soloish efforts (some highlight tracks I uploaded to youtube). it was that early 2000s acoustic drama drone folk tweeresistanttwee. the full album, Rice Field Silently Riping in the Night

Finally, this is my personal favorite collection of operas. Some day I will compile an InstaZome mix of opera recordings, but this is just Creators Records " World Premieres " so recordings of the opera performers who first played these roles. Just outstanding recordings, though. Disc 1 (the [slightly] better of the two imo) Disc 2 My CD case broke for this :( but it's still cute


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Onna-Kodomo - Syuuka

Charnel music

three humans

solemn, choral meditative breath-taking

1997 . japanese ambient

Download here